• Version B

    Version B is a design studio in Dubai. We might be small but we’re very experienced. Which is why we understand that the key to effective design is understanding the client. Well, that and keeping it simple.

    There are bigger agencies – but we’re not competing with them on anything other than quality. They tend to come with bigger budget requirements, bigger meetings, bigger contracts, bigger lead-times and yes, bigger egos (oh, we went there).

    We prefer to keep our approach straightforward and flexible, working closely with you to understand what you really want. We keep costs as low as a snake’s belly and our processes as streamlined as a bottlenosed dolphin. And we’re not going to hit you with a million rules and protocols – just stand-out design that gets results and helps your business grow like a…never mind.

    In these competitive times, having a good design agency that really thinks about your marketing challenges – and treats your brand with the love and respect it deserves – makes all the difference to your success. And your stress levels.

    So, to find out more about us and how we can help, drop us a line or pop by for a cheeky skinny latte. Oh, and that’s another thing – our clients love that they can chat directly to our design team whenever they want.