• Services

    Version B is packed with experience and many happy clients – on all sorts of small, medium and really quite large projects. Whether you’re launching a new product or building your brand, we understand the capabilities and limitations of different media – so we know how to get the best results from your hard-earned cash.

    As flexible as you want us to be, we can work seamlessly with your marketing team, copywriters, web developers and tea lady. Or we can provide these services directly – including the tea – applying our obsession for quality from start to finish. Win win.

  • Print Design

    Branding and logo design | Corporate communications
    Editorial design | Brochures | Books | Exhibition Graphics
    Advertising | Direct Mail

    There are some things print can achieve that digital just really can’t. The sensory experience is totally unique – colour, texture, shape, scent – lots of possibilities to deliver an unrivalled experience and instant connection.

    Our experience, knowledge and passion for print helps you get through to your customers with minimum cost and maximum impact.

  • Web Design

    Websites | eNewsletters | Web Banners

    Looking pretty is the icing on the cake. Don’t get us wrong – we love icing. But we also pride ourselves on developing engaging web design that guarantees an informative and practical user journey.

    All our sites are built on solid foundations, incorporating the latest CMS and SEO thinking (if you don’t know what that is, Google it. But trust us, it’s good news).With rapidly evolving technology and consumer trends, we want to make sure you keep up with your competition. So you’ll get ongoing support and advice to make sure you keep maxing out your rankings and site experience.

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