• AuthorNeil
  • Date 15 March 2012
  • CategoryBranding Graphic Design Illustration Print

I have been meaning to put an entry about Ray-Ban for some time now and when I was wondering around the mall over this very windy weekend, I was looking at the artwork in the sunglass hut window and remembered how much I love the Rare Prints campaign.

Each year a specially designed Rare Prints collection is released by Ray-Ban. They use different, and extremely talented, artists and graphic designers from around the world.

The illustrations by Cutwater are just stunning and really capture the spirit of pop art and surf design (in my opinion.) This years collection is courtesy of La Boca Design in London and is based on all things 80’s. La Boca specialize in retro 80’s design and have created four designs based on that era. They are grid based graphic designs and scream 1980’s with their colors and shapes on the glasses frames.

Below are few samples of the current designs as well same past ones (just because they are awesome).

I am a big admirer of the designs themselves but there is only one question left unanswered. Am I cool enough to get away with retro Ray-Bans?

(probably not)