Pedal Power

  • AuthorNeil
  • Date 1 April 2012
  • CategoryProduct Design

We recently met some guys who are looking to open a new bicycle shop and cafe and are want to build on the growing cycle community in the UAE. Now, my bike got stolen last year and thats probably because of the thick layer of dust that was on it and the ‘thief’ thought it had been dumped. (not far wrong).

Anyway, looking at this new bike concept from designer Allen Chester G. Zhang I could be persuaded to give cycling another go.

It is designed to be easily transported between work and play and makes the current folding bikes look like something from the last century. It folds to create a small and aesthetically pleasing accessory.

When it unfolds it creates a stunning lean shape with spokeless wheels that I’m not quite sure I understand how they work, but I am sold just on the way it looks. Fluorescent green components match the black and steel beautifully. It is on my wish list.