Light Calligraphy

  • AuthorNeil
  • Date 27 March 2012
  • CategoryGraphic Design

These images have been floating around a while but I recently stumbled upon them (literally) again and thought they were worth sharing for those who haven’t seen them.

Julien Breton, aka Kaalam, is a french calligrapher and has created these pieces using a hand-held light and long-exposure photography. They look photoshopped but he swears they are done live and has produced a video to show how he works.


“None of the photographs are retouched or edited. Its a very long and slow process” Kaalam explains.

Kaalam often uses historical back drops or cityscapes to add a 3D realistic element to his canvas.

He is a self taught artist that doesn’t speak arabic but lives and breathes calligraphy. “In 7 years, calligraphy has crept into my life. It is a logical extension of my passion for writing, philosophy and hip-hop. Playing with curves, lines, deconstructing my alphabet leaves to make it unreadable is literally an exercise in which I indulge every day with the same pleasure” he says.

The capturing can take up to 10 minutes and requires and choreographed movement and lots of practicing before hand.