• AuthorNeil
  • Date 12 May 2012
  • CategoryProduct Design

With Facebook buying Instagram for $1bn, you might think they would have all kinds of plans to release new products. As of yet, they have made no such noises, but another design company has.

ADR Studio has created a concept design for a realistic camera based on and around the Instagram App logo. Named the ‘Instagram Socialmatic’ is has a built in printer, 16GB memory capacity and and sleek and modern flat touch screen design.

The camera would come with two lenses. One would be the regular lens and the second is for the filter shots. Once you have taken the picture and printed it, you will get a QR code. This code will allow other users of the camera to follow you work by scanning the code.

The concept design has built in WiFi and bluetooth which means you can share the images with your friends directly and through Facebook.

Currently it is only a concept, but I know I would be really excited to see this go into production. Look for the designer camera on sale in Dubai (hopefully) soon. We can wish.

And because its Thursday, a roundup of the last few images I have posted in Instagram. Follow VersionB.