First ever human rights logo

  • AuthorNeil
  • Date 24 September 2011
  • CategoryBranding Graphic Design Print

On September 23rd the new human rights logo was revealed. It was picked from over 15,000 submissions from more than 190 countries. From the submissions 10 identities were chosen and people could then vote for their favourite online.

Surprisingly it is the first ever world recognised human rights logo and will be a free resource for everyone across the globe to use with the view to promote and protect Human Rights.

The new design was created by Predrag Stakic from Serbia. It is a combination of a bird in flight and a human hand and follows a similar theme to the World Peace logo and is a very clean and simple icon. It has been called “free as a man”. Predrag won €5,000 for his selected design.

Although we like the new logo and are definitely on board with Human Rights having a recognised world wide identity, we agree with our friends at swiss-miss. It may have been a better decision to appoint prominent designers or design companies around the world and then let the world decide.

We are also not supporting ‘crowd-sourcing’ design but part of me feels that in this instance having the world work on something that is a world issue is a nice touch. (Crowd-sourcing is obviously a huge issue in the deign community and I am going to look into this more in a future blog post.)

Regardless of how the identity was created it is a perfectly nice logo and I look forward to seeing how it is applied and adapted in the future.