Dog Bakery

  • AuthorNeil
  • Date 15 May 2012
  • CategoryBranding

We saw this the other day and not only loved the design and branding but thought the concept was really funky. A bakery for dogs.

The ‘Three Dog Bakery’ was founded in 1989 as the first dog bakery. They started out using 100% all natural human-quality ingredients and no refined sugars. It was seen as a crazy idea but clearly its working as they are going strong and have just rebranded. Perhaps Dubai and the UAE will introduce dog eateries and cat cafes. Perhaps not.

The store itself is a fun and inviting place for people and their four legged friends. The animals get to ‘choose’ their own treats.

The new logo has captured their quirky and friendly personality. The illustration is, for lack of a better word, cute and has a slight retro feel to it. The hand drawn typography complement the illustrations and work really nicely across the uniforms, packaging and web design.

The whole feel of it really shouts bakery to me and makes me hungry just looking at it. Yes, I am aware it is a dog bakery.