Creating an icon

  • AuthorNeil
  • Date 15 November 2011
  • CategoryGraphic Design Illustration

We heard a while ago but thought it worth mentioning again that Jon Hicks is working on a book all about Iconography. The Icon Handbook is said to be released later this year and we are definitely putting it on our wish-list.

Jon Hicks’ work can be seen everywhere. He is probably all over your desktop right now. He has created some of the most well know icons in the last decade. He is most famous for Firefox, Silverback and Miro to name a few.

He likes to keep things simple and always like to make it fun if he can. Speaking about his design process he says “Don’t feel you have to be too literal, but don’t be abstract for the sake of it. If its a home icon, make it a picture of a home.”

Have a look at his work flow pictured below.

There are some free online tools that can help with you own icon design such as Inkscape, png2ico and favikon.

Have a look at more of his stuff here or follow him on twitter @Hicksdesign.