Beautiful book worms

  • AuthorNeil
  • Date 18 March 2012
  • CategoryArt Direction Graphic Design Photography

Our friends at Design Boom (and we use that term ‘hopefully’ as we think they are brilliant) have recently put up some amazing pictures of the new Vennesla Library and Cultural Center in Norway.

Helen and Hard, a Norwegian practice, have designed a public space for the community that is not only stunning, but practical.

Now, I am not going to waffle on about the curves and synergy between structure and creativity as I am not an interior designer and will leave that to our good friends and experts over at Studio Em. I will say though that I think its beautiful and if there was a library like this at my university I would have studied more.

The design separates the library into sections and uses 26 ‘ribs’ to frame the room but also become the desks, shelves and storage spaces in one fluid motion. There is a great balance between sharp angles, geometric shapes and organic curves. (Ok promise, thats as arty as I’ll get on the design.)

Take a look for yourself. What do you think? Some of the comments on Design Boom are fairly negative and say that this design will drive the last few people out of libraries but I think thats a little harsh. I think its a great design, a great space and a nice new approach to an age old facility.