A brand with no product

  • AuthorNeil
  • Date 6 March 2013
  • CategoryBranding

Before sitting down to write today’s article I wasn’t too sure as to what side of the fence I sat on with regards to the “Brand For Sale With No Product”.

The “brand” is called Hessian and comes complete with Hessian’s URL, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, fully fleshed-out batch of image assets, an app interface, and more. Ben Pieratt (the designer) will even include 30 hours of design time to customize Hessian to the buyer’s needs all for a single flat fee of $18,000, which is roughly 65,700 AED. It is Pieratt’s belief that this “brand” can be applied to anything from a retail outlet to a restaurant to a design company or a charity.

Whilst the “brand” design is very cool, and it is very cool, I can’t help but think the whole concept and idea of selling a brand without a product is wrong.

The process of what we do is about creating an identity that reflects a product, creating a story, a scene, a backdrop that can strengthen a products position in the market, this can lead to a brand evolution later down the line. Doing it this way around is backward and creates no connectivity with the audience or personality from the client’s side. Also, part of me believes that he has done this to get a reaction from the graphic design world and get attention on his work. Fair play.

I will admit that it is an interesting concept and people are always looking for ‘a different angle’ but randomly designing cool things for yourself and then shoe horning it into the highest bidder slices another bit of credibility off of what we do as graphic designers. I feel a brand is more than just a few catchy designs and this is what we have been telling our clients for years.